@Radio with Ecoversities friends

The last 15 days I have been on the road, crossing Mexico from San Miguel de Allende to San Cristobal de las Casas. I stopped in Valle de Bravo at Universidad del Medio Ambiente for a gathering of around 20 learning architects, education disruptors and creators of universities. After the gathering, ten of us embarked […]

District China

China was a revealing mirror to look into as a world citizen. It lacks the sophisticated cosmetics that dress up the “development model” sold to or imposed on humanity by the West. China embraces this model and pushes it to its limits. Here you can see the absurdity of sacrificing the environment, people’s health and social justice for greedy growth. They don’t use the democracy story so it becomes clear that whatever the story – the power asymmetry is the same. Looking from China district, the whole world resembles the Panem dystopia.

Peace, Love & Ice Cream – 3 weeks in United States

“So you want to fly to US from India and return to China?” asked Ms Vlaicu when she finally reached me in India. She has been trying for two weeks. “And we have only two weeks for the visa … I doubt it is possible, but we can try if you want.” I got the US Visa […]

Learning City UnConference – India

I landed in India on Monday at 3:50 AM with no other arrangements other that 4 nights booked at Moustache Hostel and the intention to stay for a month. And I knew I wanted to visit Swaraj University so I asked my friend Martin to help with an introduction. Martin kindly helped and also mentioned “the unconference”. Almost too […]

Gokceada (water) Start

Repairing the phone, buying a kitebord, borrowing a tent, researching visas and vaccines, opening accounts, saying goodbyes and countless other tasks kept me busy till the last moment in Bucharest. Friday morning, 7th of August, Alex came to pick me up. I filled his big car with kitesurfing equipment for a month in Gokceada and […]

Interviu pentru Ciorne 2.0 – Cum a început CROS

Cu ocazia participării CROS la Ciorne 2.0, Sergiu m-a provocat să îmi amintesc de începuturile CROS. Textul original îl găsiţi pe blogul Friends for Friends Foundation. —— Sergiu: V-am mai povestit despre cei de la CROS (Centrul de Resurse pentru Organizații Stundențești) și planurile lor de a revoluționa educația și de a crea noi experiențe studențești. Ei bine, în spiritul […]