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I am a Learning Architect, on a mission to create a new kind of university. I value freedom, courage, kindness and ice cream.

I co-founded The Alternative University – a small (150 students) freedom-centered university in Bucharest, Romania. A british friend had this to say about it:  “A university RUN by students and ex students. Where there are no qualifications. People direct their own learning. Everyone’s a student and everyone’s a teacher. A place built from the love of learning. A place exuding hope that we — the people — can take control of our destiny.”

In 2015, before leaving Romania in August, I coordinated the joining of forces for starting Entrepreneurship Academy – a formal university focused on entrepreneurship. So I could brag that I co-founded two universities. But that would be silly :-)

After 12 years, I decided to take a break from (social) entrepreneurship. At the moment, I am traveling the world in search of inspiration, wisdom and and allies to get my work to the next level. I will write a book called Break Free From University.

If you see any connection, why not contact me!?

5 thoughts on “About me

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  2. mariuca dinu

    Draga Traian,
    de unde ai citit 4 Hours Weekwork, ca doar eu am tradus/o la ed minerva, acum 1 an si jumate, si nu am vazut/o nicaieri publicata…

  3. Florentina

    Buna Traian! Nu stiu daca iti mai amintesti, te-am rugat mai demult daca este posibil sa imi imprumuti si mie cartea lui Ken Robinson :) Am tot intrebat-o pe Alina Ciotirnel (am fost in echipa cu ea la HOLA) si nu stia ce sa imi zica. Imi poti spune tu cam pe unde se mai afla si daca va fi disponibila curand? Merci! Mi-as dori mult sa citesc carti ce au ca si continut educatia, daca mai ai vreuna disponibila, i ll be glad to read it!

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