Learning like a spinning top

Context: “Learning Like a Spinning Top” is one of about one hundred patterns in A Pattern Language For Emergent Learning. This pattern language is “The Method” section of my upcoming book: “Making our own university – Memoir, Manifesto, Method“. I’ve been testing this pattern in various settings like The L&D Shakers Learning Fest. Here is […]

Schools Around The World: find too many cool schools

There must be more than 3 million schools in the world and many more educational programs, libraries, makerspaces, learning communities and other setups where learning is intentionally nurtured. We will refer to all of them as “schools*”. So, if you are a learner that wants to design her own university, a learning designer, a teacher, […]

Valle de Bravo Gathering of Learning Architects

I believe that reinventing higher education is one of humanity’s important milestones going forward. Here I recount my experience of a recent gathering of creators of alternatives to the mainstream university. It is one window open to the messy process of reinventing higher education and an invitation to walk through the door. We gathered at […]

@Radio with Ecoversities friends

The last 15 days I have been on the road, crossing Mexico from San Miguel de Allende to San Cristobal de las Casas. I stopped in Valle de Bravo at Universidad del Medio Ambiente for a gathering of around 20 learning architects, education disruptors and creators of universities. After the gathering, ten of us embarked […]