Design for Emergent Learning @ Offbeat Sparks

Yesterday I traveled all the way from my village to Google’s office in Bucharest to deliver a presentation at Offbeat Sparks – an overbooked event about L&D in the corporate context. To an audience of more than 70 L&D people, I connected my newfound passion for natural building with my old time passion for learning design. I presented a glimpse of the Learning Like a Spinning Top metaphor which is the core of The Pattern Language for Emergent Learning that I’m working on.

My message was that when we design vibrant learning environments, it is worthwhile to go beyond the separation of work | learning | play into separate buildings and separate organizations and that the new construction company that I’m starting is – by design – as much a company as it is a university and a community of friends.

Because some people were interested in the map that I showed, here is a pdf version of it just for curiosity – the QR codes are broken for the moment and it is somewhat outdated. The map is for the first of the four arts of emergent learning that make up the pattern language:

  • The Art of Self-Designed Learning
  • The Art of Gatherings
  • The Art of Tribes
  • The Art of Weaving

Watch this space over the winter as I intend to make more progress in publishing the pattern language in a usable form. If you are in L&D and you could use being part of a learning community of peers, a great investment would be to join the Offbeat Fellowship.

PS: If you have teenagers around you, send them to Learnity – the amazing learning community that is now being governed by teenagers and students. They have open doors these days and you can find me there in a workshop about self-directed learning this Thursday:

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