The Oankali Nation

Inspired by some friends and by this video about Republic of Molossia, here is a micronation I’d like to play with:


UNA is a nation of humans ocuppying 57,021 square kilometres on Mars. It’s not that we dislike Earth’s climate and its inhabitants, on the contrary. We base ourselves in Mars because all the land on Earth is subject to a pattern of human organization that we want to escape from. We think that as technology improved over the course of thousands of years, our social organization did not. We set our imagination free to create better forms of living together.

We currently live on Earth where our nation has no borders. We build oases all around the world. An oasis can be just a house but also a neighborhood or a village. We also call those oases BeingSpaces and our nation can be seen as a network of these living laboratories spread on all Earth’s continents. The core function of our nation is collective learning.

This is why you can view our nation also as a global, self organized university. Learning being so important, our Ministry of Education must be a strong institution. This is why, the moment someone in our nation decides to learn something, he immediately becomes the Minister of Education. That creates the peculiar situation of having as many Ministers of Education as we have learners. Each learner is in charge of his own learning and as Ministers of Education, they get together to share and create community learning resources. All our knowledge is open and freely available.

Speaking of resources, we also have our own economy. It is based on gift culture and voluntary sharing. We believe that in time, abundant and free learning will create abundance of all kinds of resources. Before that happens, for the scarce resources that need to be balanced, we also have our own currency. There are no taxes, each of us decides if and how he contributes to the collective living. In foreign affairs and all other matters, all of us are Presidents. We all have diplomatic passports. Our form of organization does not transfer any authority from the collective to an individual and does not take any authority from the individual for the collective. All collaboration is voluntary.

There are many thins to be said about his alien civilization we are building. They will be said in our sociocratic assemblies, over the course of the years to come. You can take this as a joke or as an invitation to join our playful learning nation.

The Presidents

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