May-June highlights

In my last days in Indonesia, I had an strategic connection with the team at Hubud and Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific, namely the co-owners Renee and Steve and the awesome guy Chris Thompson, former director of Green School Bali. Both Renee and Chris are passionate about transforming education and we share the strong feeling that the future of both alternative education, libraries and coworking spaces will converge. I’m very excited about this connection and the plans we sketched together.

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Visiting Green Schoo Bali

The highlight of Mexico was the gathering of founders of alternative universities in Valle de Bravo. It was a chance for me to tie myself into Ecoversities, a global network of around 50 alternative universities around the world. As far as I know, this network gathers the highest concentration of radical thinking and doing in higher education around the world. I developed good friendships with people at the core of the network, like Liora Adler – co-founder of Gaia University, Manish Jain – co-founder Swaraj University, Victoria Haro – co-founder of Universidad del Medio Ambiente and Udi Mandel, cofounder of Enlivened Learning.  (read the full recount here)

Talking about a global system of micro-certificates buit on the Open Badges Infrastructure
Talking about a global system of micro-certificates buit on the Open Badges Infrastructureta

The gathering was followed by a collective learning journey to three disruptive rural universities in Mexico. The three universities inspired me greatly, reinforcing my desire to base my future work as a learning architect in villages. (Full article here).

The #romads invade Mexico
The #romads invade Mexico

The more personal and cozy highlight was visiting Miranda in San Miguel de Allende, together with Horatiu, Ana and Catalina (Hi guys!). It was a taste of home and a light strategic meeting of Alternative University globetrotters. Horatiu, Ana and Catalina were once students at alternative university. Ana and Catalina come from Haiti, where they learned about social work done by some remarkable people and organizations, after attending the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit in Miami. Horatiu came from Nigeria where he piloted the Seedstars Academy in Lagos, preparing to bring it to 10 more countries. We had a wonderful time together, we updated each other and the world domination plan.

Visiting what used to be
Visiting what used to be

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