#arg: Higher Ed Bubble

De azi inaugurez o colecţie de argumente şi opinii care susţin ceea ce facem noi la CROS – un model alternativ de educaţie superioară. De-a lungul timpului am tot întalnit astfel de argumente şi acum regret ca nu le-am colecţionat mai sistematic. Încep de azi. Tag-ul pe blog va fi argumente, pe twitter va fi #arg iar pe delicious.com tot argumente.

My question is whether traditional academic institutions will be able to keep up with the times, or whether — as Anya Kamenetz suggests in her new book, “DIY U” — the real pioneering will be in online education and the work of “edupunks” who are more interested in finding new ways of teaching and learning than in protecting existing interests.I’m betting on the latter. Industries seldom reform themselves, and real competition usually comes from the outside.

Examiner contributor Glenn Harlan Reynolds hosts “InstaVision” on PJTV.com and blogs at Instapundit.com. He is a professor of law at the University of Tennessee.

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