Break Free Book: Risks & Challenges

Traveling has its risks of accidents and disease. I have been traveling safely for the past 8 months and hope to continue this way. Not getting all the funding is another risk. I will get more creative before cutting countries or continents. I will find a way to set aside some time to work remotely or get accommodation and food in return for work. As a last resort, I will make the trip shorter in distance and/or time. The project has enough challenges on my side.

Most of the challenges and risks count towards the time it will take me to complete it. I decided to give it the time it needs. I made an optimistic estimate that reflects my current intention. If you decide to support my journey in any way, please consider also offering me the gift of time. You can do that by not taking my estimates as a promise. What I can promise is that I will complete this project, one way or another, and stay true to its original intention. Unless they offer me to be President of the United States or other opportunity to swiftly improve thousands of lives, I will not take on other projects before completing this one.