Where do I go

You can see the coutries on the map above.  From a list of 150 places/projects I will select some as I go, no more than 30. I want to visit a few classic universities like MIT (Media Lab) and Stanford (d.School) and some particularly innovative like ASU, Olin College or Quest University. I am most interested in the small radical experiments like Swaraj University, Thiel Fellowships, Open Masters or Deep Springs College. I will stop by some non-higher-education learning designs like Lumiar, Summerhill, Green School, AltSchool, School in the Cloud, Unreasonable Institute and Art of Learning Project. I will also look into a few edtech projects like Open Badges or edX, make it to some conferences like SXSWEdu and get involved with groups like Eco-versities, Lumina, Ashoka U and IDEO. But I will be looking for inspiration in many other places: from informal learning communities in skateparks and makerspaces to self-managed companies like Semco, indigenous tribes, countercultural movements like copyleft, occupy or free software, eco-villages or experimental towns like Auroville. See the full list here.