Break Free Book for Organizations

Tempting gifts for organizations that might want to support Break Free Book:

Supporter (Organization) – 1000€

Mention as a supporter company in the book. Five printed and signed books and ebooks for all employees.

Sponsor (Organization) – 2000€

Mention as a sponsor in the book. Ten printed and signed books from the first edition and ebooks for all employees. Personalized “Art of Learning” workshop in your company, drawing from the experience of the journey and the book.

Main Sponsor (Organization) – 5000€

In addition to the regular sponsor benefits you get 10 more printed books. Your company will get enthusiastic (but elegant) recognition as a main partner in the book, in public appearances and on my website. It will be uniquely associated with sponsoring the trip to one continent. The Main Sponsor also gets 160 hours of work from my side for a personalized Learning Organization Project. It can use them to help its own efforts to develop learning agility or, alternatively, my work can be donated as CSR to a school or university.

More about Learning Organization Project: By the time I will complete the book, I would have visited and studied more than 20 learning organizations, each one having something remarkable in terms of its learning architecture. I am offering 160 hours of my time to understand an organization’s reality and contribute to it becoming more agile in terms of learning. My work can include workshops, speaking, facilitation, 1-1 sessions, design of tools and systems or help in designing and planning events. The activities can span to a maximum of one year. While traveling in the continent sponsored, I can take on an assignment to look into a particular area of interest for the sponsor and include the findings in the project. And we can get more creative than that.