#2 – is there a focus?

Do you know what is the one thing that you are excited to focus on learning now, in a self-determined way? 

Yes (go to write your intention) but first … (–> #6 – YCLA Badge)

No, I feel I need to make a list first of all the things I want to learn (–> #4 – 1000 things to learn)

No, there is nothing exciting enough on my radar (–> #3 – Wayfinding)


  • this “crossroads” is important because …
  • now = 3-7 weeks
  • don’t pick a focus just so you can advance; if the real energy you have is confusion, no aim, take a step back; but also, if there is already something that attracts your focus, if it is “good enough” but you are not shure how that fits into your life, you have better chances of self-discovery if you actually try it;
  • how do you know that “is the one”?
  • you can always return; consider what gives you more energy;

Instructions for side-kick:

  • Ask why he is choosing something; make sure the reasons make sense;
  • Ask what if? How choosing another path would be.