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I am a big believer in self-directed life-long learning. As part of my learning plan I am enrolled in an Executive MBA at Maastricht School of Management and in more than 100 MOOCs on platforms like Couresera, EdX, Iversity and others. The Blended Learning one on Coursera will hopefully be the first one I complete.

As much as I like Coursera style xMOOCs there is a older concept of cMOOCs that I like more. Connectivist MOOCs are based on decentralized networks and the connections made are persistent. You can read about the difference here.

Therefore, I am posting most of my “homeworks” both from xMOOCs, MBA and other learning programs on my blog because would like to engage my real-life network in my learning and also transform the connections with other MBA or xMOOCs students into persistent online connections.

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