#arg Education – not about doing things to the people

What could 21st century education look like? The 21st century will be less about doing things for or to people and more about doing things with and by people themselves. Working collectively will increase the demand for more social learning in social spaces and education is likely to be messier, more informal, exploratory, experimental and improvised. In such an open, collective and hands on world, new skills such as mediation, facilitation and good communication will be at a premium, as will an intrapersonal intelligence of balancing the rational, logic and reason, with the non rational, intuition, feelings and the senses. Learning to trust and let go may be one of the most important lessons for the 21st century.

Din articolul: What challenges does the 21st century present to education leaders?

[Articolele din seria “argument” sunt o colecţie de argumente şi opinii care susţin ceea ce facem noi la CROS – un model alternativ de educaţie superioară. De-a lungul timpului am tot întalnit astfel de argumente şi acum regret ca nu le-am colecţionat mai sistematic.]

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