Other books

Didn’t they write Break Free from University already?

Deschooling Society, Pedagogy of the Oppressed or Turning Learning Right Side Up are deep critiques of the system to which I have few things to add. Excellent Sheep illuminates the particular way the elite universities train “brainy but soulless students”. Better Than College or Hacking Your Education guide young people in creating their own individual path. DIY U rounds up some of the emerging alternatives in 2010. There are many more. My contribution will be to (1) weave some of their core ideas, (2) go further by adding recent progress of the emerging radical models around the world and (3) add what I think it is a unique perspective. It was shaped by the unlikely story of spinning-off our revolted student activism into an alternative university and the fact that we were so young and inexperienced when we started. I think we have a unique voice to add to the conversation about the future of universities. If it’s just an illusion in my head, writing this book will dispel it. It is hard to live with that burden :-)